Marvel Legends Series Madame Hydra Action Figure, 6 Inch




  • 6-inch-scale Collectible Figure: Fans, Collectors, And Kids Alike Can Enjoy This 6-inch-scale Madame Hydra Figure, Inspired By The Character From Marvel Comics!
  • Marvel Comics-inspired Design: This Madame Hydra Figure Features The Character’s Appearance Throughout Marvel Comics!
  • Premium Articulation And Accessories: This 6-inch Legends Series Madame Hydra Figure Features Premium Detailing And Accessories, Including Alt Hands And 2 Pistols That Slot Into The Holsters On The Figure!
  • Marvel Universe In 6-inch Scale: Look For Other Hasbro Marvel Legends X-men Figures With Marvel Entertainment-inspired Characters, Including Iron Man, Thor; And Marvel’s Quake!
  • Includes Build-a-figure Part(S) (Marvel’s Controller): Each Marvel Legends X-men Figure Includes At Least One Build-a-figure Piece. Collect All The Figures To Assemble An Additional Figure