Portland Pet Food Pumpkin Brew Biscuits All Natural & Hand Crafted Dog Treats, 5 Ounce




  • SIMPLE AND PURE: Made with wholesome, limited ingredients that allow for easy digestion with nothing artificial. Delicious mix of flavors from locally sourced breweries (spent grains with no alcohol) lets you give even the pickiest dogs a worthy snack or treat. Spent grains contain very little gluten; barley comes from IPA brews, which are low in wheat.
  • CRAFTED BY HUMANS, LOVED BY DOGS: Made with 100% natural ingredients, these biscuits are human grade for a product you can feel great about giving your best friend. Made with local meats and grains. No preservatives. No hormones.
  • FREE FROM: These tasty dog treats contain no GMOs, BHA, BHT, preservatives, artificial colorings, or artificial anything. Every one of Portland Pet Food's products has 11 or fewer ingredients, all of which you can pronounce and can probably find in your own kitchen.
  • ALL SIZES: These delicious biscuits are baked twice for a satisfying crunch. They are easily breakable and healthy for smaller and larger dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors. Even picky dogs or dogs with sensitive stomachs love them.